My grandfather was lucky. He had a pension.
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Long Term Care Re-Invented

This is this not your fathers Long Term Care policy

The KAB Hybrid Protection Plan

Life insurance with asset based LTC benefits

Use existing assets to protect you and your loved ones from the expenses and emotional strain, that can arise when a family faces the need for long-term care.


Premium options

Use existing assets, such as a CD, savings or IRA, as a one-time-only premium payment, or choose guaranteed annual premiums that can never increase

Asset protection

Get the security of a life insurance policy that grows at a minimum, tax-deferred interest rate

Tax-free benefits

Pay no income tax if you use your life insurance for qualifying long-term care expenses — should you need it

Leave a legacy

If you never use the long-term care benefit or if you only use a portion of it, your named beneficiaries will receive the death benefit — income tax-free

I’m your Tampa Bay Long Term Care expert. You have options. This isn’t something that you should trust to an online search. Talk to a local expert.